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Simulation of economic policies

Modeling of current economic processes and planned actions opens up new possibilities in the control and management of the company’s finances. Having a mathematical model, which unites all key economic indicators and determining the degree of their correlation with the behavior of the real markets, and various sectors of the financial markets, management has a powerful tool that allows:

  • To visualize the current system and the correspondence between financial-economic indicators;
  • To see the strengths and weaknesses of the structure and to find opportunities for optimization;
  • To estimate the parameters of the planned investments and their possible effect on current activities;
  • To simulate various scenarios for the behavior of real and financial markets and assess the impact of external influences on certain indicators and the structure as a whole;
  • To plan economic growth;

Currently in the market for business analytics there are a lot of cumbersome and extremely expensive “package” products. They cannot be set independently and to make changes constant maintenance is required. We believe that in most cases it is possible to manage public funds, such as Excel. In the hands of professionals, Excel provides a tremendous opportunity for economic modeling and allows you to create full-fledged models that will easily pair with your existing accounting and analytical systems, while easy to understand and does not require excessive resources to make changes.