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Management of temporarily free funds

Often there are situations when the accounts accumulate significant amounts of cash not claimed at the moment. Business seasonality,  delivery delays and payment delays,  cash flows imbalance and many other reasons contribute to it.. The main thing is that the period of temporary “downtime” of funds in the accounts can be predicted and  funds can be allocated efficiently and reliably. For each period there are optimal options for the  temporarily available funds management. For example, on a very short term (from overnight to a week), banks often offer very low rates on deposits, because they can invest the money only in the interbank market at the lowest rates, and the need to earn from  the difference in interest rates . At the same time banks offer currency swaps, allowing to place money, usually at a higher rate than the deposits, with absolutely the same level of risk. Moreover, companies have the opportunity to conduct such operations, maximally approximating the effective interest rate of “short money” to the interbank rates. This is just one example. There are various possibilities to extract additional profit from free cash depending on the period.. Our specialists constantly monitor and compare the yields of risk-free short-term instruments, and will help you to use temporarily free funds with the advantage.