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Individual solutions based on trust management

In this problem we pursue the following objectives: safety, the maximum increase provided in the management of the funds while minimizing risk.

RightRate  priorities in individual decisions are: confidentiality, reliability, safety, liquidity, yield and diversification.

In the context of individual decisions on the basis of trust management RightRate provides:

  • personal financial Advisor and an individual approach to each Client;
  • effective risk control system;
  • flexible portfolio management – continuous monitoring of the situation on the financial markets, the possibility of adjusting the personal portfolio;
  • interest in increasing Your assets — remuneration to the management company depends on the financial results of trust management;
  • confidentiality of transactions: the existence and content of Individual trust agreement and other documents relating thereto, shall be considered confidential and not disclosed to any third party;
  • best rates – compare our rates with the remuneration of other companies, it’s safe to say our conditions are optimal;
  • detailed and regular report about the status of Your portfolio and transaction is available at any time upon Your request;
  • quarterly report of the Manager about the management of Your portfolio;
  • informational and analytical support