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Hedging strategies foreign exchange risks and interest rate risks

The modern economy is characterized by large variations in the prices of many commodities, therefore, in all companies activities there are always financial risks.

Hedging of financial risks is  the risk of changes in asset prices, interest rates or exchange rates insurance by using derivative financial instruments such as swaps, forwards, options and futures. Strategies to achieve the most optimal result are created of these instruments.

Of course, hedging is never free of charge,  the hedge costs money, but often the amount of losses from non-hedged positions (transactions) exceeds the value of the hedge dozens of times – a wonderful example of this is the vertical collapse of oil and the devaluation of the ruble.

The   RightRate experts explore financial markets daily, tracking the slightest changes that may lead to the change of sentiment in the markets. Our long-term trading experience in hedge products trading in the banks help to know the market inside out,  from the seller side,  and help to make deals at the best prices.

We develop hedging  and risk management strategies for our clients in order to help keep the right course in the ocean of financial risks, and  our long-term  experience in hedge products trading  in the  banks allows you to implement strategies at a minimal cost.