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“Balanced strategy” with different levels of risk

“Balanced strategy” is able to minimize risks and to maintain a sufficiently high return on Your investment.

The main advantage of the “Balanced strategy” is its high diversification with the use of liquid assets with a high rating and a solid reputation.

For whom:

The product is aimed at conservative and moderate investors whose main priority is the preservation and enhancement of invested funds.


  1. Minimal risk with high return potential. All investment components of “Balanced strategy” have  own levels of risk and different profit potentials. United by a common purpose, they minimize risks and maintain high profitability potential.
  2. Increased profit. The increase in gross profit  of “Balanced strategy” is due to the reduction in the tax base of Your assets through the proper organization of the investment process.
  3. Wide diversification. In the framework of the “Balanced strategy” diversification of Your investment is based not only on different currencies, regions, sectors of the economy, but also on various judicial fields.
  4. Individual approach. The structure of the “Balanced strategy” is based on Your financial goals and personal needs.
  5. Reliable structure. “Balanced strategy” is based on three bases:
  • Minimizing risk with broad diversification
  • A good potential profit
  • Extra yield under favourable market conditions.

In the framework of “Balanced strategies” with different levels of risk RightRate provides:

  • personal financial Advisor and an individual approach to each Client;
  • effective risk control system;
  • flexible asset management – continuous monitoring of the situation on the financial markets, the ability to change personal asset;
  • interest in increasing Your assets, Commission of the company depends on the financial results control;
  • confidentiality of transactions: all transactions made with RightRate are confidential and are not disclosed to a third party;
  • best rates – compare our rates with the remuneration of other companies, it’s safe to say our conditions are optimal;
  • detailed and regular report about the status of Your asset and transaction is available at any time upon Your request;
  • quarterly report  of Your asset management.
  • informational and analytical support