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Advice on investment strategy

Finding the right balance between level of risk, potential returns and investment period is the hardest  and definitely the primary goal for all investors. This can be achieved by controlling the percentages (allocation) of the funds invested in different asset classes and due to the sophisticated tactics portfolio management, it is necessary first to understand the offer of financial instruments in all sectors of the market, and secondly to keep a track of the movement of asset prices, the actions of the major players and the market reaction to news and statistical information. In general, there are many things that need to be clarified at the outset and monitored in the future. Therefore, if the management  of financial assets portfolio is not a core business, it is better to contact the experts and discuss with them the goals and investment horizon, risk tolerance, allocation of investment in assets and currencies, and other parameters to ultimately obtain a clear overview of the options portfolio strategies. For example, you can create and manage a portfolio protected from loss of initial capital, but has limited yield, and it is possible to allocate a certain percentage of investments under the high-risk assets and to control the specified risk level by careful correlation of various asset classes. Regardless of the choice of the components, in the process of portfolio management the tactical decisions have to be taken: why, for example,  keep the bonds of a specific Issuer, when they have long enjoyed excessive demand and the resulting yield from the date of purchase exceeds the yield to maturity of these securities? Why keep the stock, which was repurchased and has all the signs of growing doubt in the future growth of their prices?

RightRate professionals will conduct a comprehensive consultation in the process of the investment portfolio formation and provide the necessary information and support in the future.